Worthwhile Magazine™ publishes a wide range of contributions and is always looking for new writers, especially those with a fresh perspective and voices from marginalized communities. The best way to determine what sort of topics we publish is to read our content and consider our mission statement: “Worthwhile Magazine™ is an online repository of personal property appraisal and collecting knowledge accessible to the general public and professionals alike. Discussions include evolving practices and current scholarship used when valuing the various fields of collecting. Since knowledge is power, we believe an open dialogue about connoisseurship is worthwhile.”

We pride ourselves on the broad spectrum and transparent approach to our content that invites the general public to empower themselves with knowledge that has traditionally remained opaque within the field.  Submissions could look like the following: an article about appraisal theory and methodology, educational essays about art and antiques, a visual story by a photographer, a book or exhibition review, an artist interview, a personal account by a collector or minimalist, new art historical analyses, explorations of material culture, changing attitudes towards personal possessions, or a series of discussion panels with galleries and industry professionals. 

How To Submit

Email the Worthwhile Magazine™ Editorial Team at

  • Keep the pitch succinct at two paragraphs maximum.

  • Following your submission idea pitch, please introduce yourself if we don’t know you already. If you’ve never contributed to us before, include links to a few portfolio items, an online profile, or attach writing samples.

  • Tell us if you’re working with a corporation associated with your pitch or have a vested interest in the topic.

  • If you are pitching an exhibition or event review, include dates and location(s). If you are pitching a book review, include publisher information and publication date. For any type of review, provide a source link to more information.

  • Tell us if you’re simultaneously pitching the same idea somewhere else.

  • Pitches are preferred, but we will consider submissions. Introduce the piece and yourself in the body of your email (see above), then attach it. Please review to our Content Style Guidelines for submission formatting details.

The Editorial Team will then be in touch with you shortly about your pitch and next steps.


Worthwhile Magazine™ has an organic publication calendar and is continually publishing new contributions throughout the year to allow greater responsiveness to the constantly evolving state of the appraisal field. We understand the many existing commitments that our contributors have and are willing to discuss a timeframe that works well for all.